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João Victor Guedes-Neto is a PhD Student in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He is interested on Public Policy, Political Parties and Ideologies. His research has been published by the Journal of International Studies, Conjuntura Global, Economia & Gestão, and Meio Ambiente and Sustentabilidade. Furthermore, he has presented studies at the conferences of IPSA, DSA and EAEPE, among others.

He was the first Brazilian to become treasurer of the International Federation of Liberal Youth, an umbrella organization present in more than 70 countries João Victor Guedessince 1947. Elected in August 2010 in Russia and re-elected in December 2011 in Turkey, he contributed to the fundraising of over € 250.000,00 from private and public sources, as the European Union and the Council of Europe.

He has participated and organized events in countries as Romenia, Argentina, France, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Lebanon, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, where he was one of the 36 chosen scholars among 6.000 candidates to be sponsored by the government to present his paper “When civil society changes the world: International nongovernmental organisations’ best practices to improve global governance” at the Education Without Borders 2011 conference.

By the end of his second term as treasurer in January 2014, he was nominated IFLRY Program Manager for Latin America being responsible for creating and consolidated a liberal networking of organisations of more than 10 countries in the region. In June 2014 he resigned from this position.

In Brazil, he was the president of the regional branch of Juventude Democratas for Minas Gerais between 2006 and 2013. In the national level, he was vice-president (2009 to 2014) and coordinator for students’ affairs (2007 to 2011), being candidate twice to the presidency of Brazil’s national union of students.

Before starting his PhD program, he had a scholarship from the German government (Helmut-Schmidt-Program) for the Master in Public Economics, Law and Politics at the Leuphana Universität Lüneburg. His research focused on the concept of liberalism for parties and their members in Latin America.

In the past, he has graduated in Economics at the Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei and completed a Master’s degree in Public Management and Society at the Universidade Federal de Alfenas. Additionally, he was a lecturer of the Instituto Federal de São Paulo in Jundiaí, teaching Economics, Financial Mathematics, Corporate Governance and Applied Computing, further than teaching Public Policy at the Master in Economics of the Centro de Estudios Superiores Manuel Ayau (Spain) and Universidad Francisco Marroquin (Guatemala).

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