I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. I also hold a master’s degree from the same institution. My main area of expertise is Comparative Political Behavior. I am interested in public opinion, bureaucracy, political psychology, and I conduct research using different methodological perspectives, including econometrics, experiments, and qualitative methods.

Some of my work was already published in journals as América Latina Hoy, Revista de Sociologia e Política, Journal of International Studies, Revista Economia & Gestão, Conjuntura Internacional, Conjuntura Global, and Revista de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade. I also have co-authored chapters at books published by Edward Elgar and UFMG.

In the recent past, I concluded a Master in Public Economics, Law, and Politics at the Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (Germany) with funding from the Helmut Schmidt Program (DAAD). I also graduated at the Master in Public Management and Society from the Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Brazil) and I hold a Bachelor in Economics from the Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei (Brazil).

I worked as an adjunct lecturer at the Instituto Federal de São Paulo (Brazil), where I taught introductory courses of Economics, Financial Management, and Business Administration. I was also an adjunct at a Master in Economics offered by the Centro de Estudios Manuel Ayau (Spain) and the Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala), where I taught a course on Public Policy.

Outside of academia, I was the Program Manager for Latin America and Treasurer of the International Federation of Liberal Youth, an umbrella organization present in more than 70 countries since 1947. There, I directly contributed to raising over € 250.000,00 from private and public sources, as the European Union and the Council of Europe. I also worked as a consultant in different projects, ranging from market analysis for solar energy projects to political marketing for legislative campaigns.