I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. I also hold a master’s degree from the same institution. My main area of expertise is intergroup behavior, that is, I investigate how people interact in different settings, ranging from political polarization in elections around the world to inter-agency conflicts in public administration (which I call bureaucratic polarization).

I am also interested in novel empirical approaches using multiple methodological tools. My research often mixes econometrics, experiments, and ethnographic studies. For instance, I have a paper at Comparative Political Studies in which my co-authors and I rely on day-and-night luminosity data to assess the effects of police intervention in Brazilian favelas. Additionally, I recently published a book chapter with B. Guy Peters on how to conduct survey experiments in public administration.

As part of this experimental agenda, two colleagues and I implemented a conjoint experiment with 3,000 American voters to assess the extra costs faced by international firms when moving to the US (“The Cost of Being Foreign” with Makhoul and Musacchio). This working paper won two awards at the annual conference of the Academy of Management in 2021: the HKUST Best Paper in Global Strategy and the Douglas Nigh Award (International Management Division). You will find the abstract of this and other working papers here.

You can find my work in journals as Comparative Political Studies, Political Studies Review, América Latina Hoy, Revista de Administração Pública, Opinião Pública, and Revista de Sociologia e Política. I also have co-authored chapters published by the Cambridge University Press, University of Pittsburgh Press, Edward Elgar, and UFMG.

At Pitt, I have taught Comparative Politics and Political Attitudes and Public Opinion (you can find my syllabi and teaching evaluations here). I also worked as an adjunct lecturer at the Instituto Federal de São Paulo (Brazil), where I taught introductory courses of Economics, Financial Mathematics, and Business Administration. I was also an adjunct at a Master in Economics offered by the Centro de Estudios Manuel Ayau (Spain) and the Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala), where I taught a course on Public Policy.

In the recent past, I concluded a Master in Public Economics, Law, and Politics at the Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (Germany) with funding from the Helmut Schmidt Program (DAAD). I also graduated at the Master in Public Management and Society from the Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Brazil) and I hold a Bachelor in Economics from the Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei (Brazil).

Outside of academia, I was the Program Manager for Latin America and Treasurer of the International Federation of Liberal Youth, an umbrella organization present in more than 70 countries since 1947. There, I directly contributed to raising over € 250.000,00 from private and public sources, as the European Union and the Council of Europe. I also worked as a consultant in different projects, ranging from market analysis for solar energy projects to political marketing for legislative campaigns.